The Stories

All stories on this blog have been written by me in their entirety, however some have been prompted based on certain conversations, events, etc. as detailed below.

The “Aximander” spoof stories are based on the criteria provided from a Flash Fiction author challenge. A few of the bloggers involved thought it might be fun to have me write a spoof version using those criteria – names, physical descriptions, the idea of possession – and adding in that he must have rock hard abs.

Ryder and the Ab-tastic Aximander” follows this framework more closely in a YA format.

Demon Ryder and her Ab-man Aximander” follows it more loosely and is meant to have a more adult PNR feel.

The Cop and the Kilt” is based on a funny conversation I had with a few writers on Twitter. I had a tough time coming up with anything that wasn’t too over the top until I spoke with a couple blogger friends. So, I changed the idea around a little and decided to write it, basing the MC on a blogger friend, Mindy, and the only criteria I was given was that he must have rock hard thighs.

Date Night” is an idea I came up with on my own. And it took on a life of its own. I did not see that ending coming.

To the Beat of His Own Drum” was prompted by a conversation with some of my favorite blogger friends on Twitter. The character had to be a drummer and he had to have muscular forearms. I let the story take over from there.

Under the Hood” was prompted by an autocorrect mishap on Twitter of the name “Juan,” which prompted a conversation in which four of us came up with a set of criteria. He had to have hazel eyes, caramel skin and a sexy grin with luscious lips. Poor Juan doesn’t get too much facetime in the story, but it could be continued. And while the MC was to be all my own, I decided to base her on my good friend Jaime.

The Cop and the Stripper” is another story about the Mindy character. I decided she had a few more adventures in her and was debating about who her next one would be with. This was originally supposed to be about a time traveling cowboy, thanks to Jaime, but for some reason a story of revenge and a stripper was the story that wanted to be told.

The Cop and the Ex-Con” continues Mindy’s adventures. When things with Maxwell Stone don’t go according to plan she finds that there might just be better ways to spend her time. This story is a little steamier than the predecessors. The shower scene was deleted prior to publication.

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The Cop and the Tattoo Artist

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